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MedicEvac was founded in 2015 by a group of ICU- and ER nurses with a lot of experience in medical repatriations. Immediately after take-off we received the trust of several travel assistances to escort their patients back to Europe.   


Our aim is to provide a qualitative and cost efficient service for travel insurance companies with clients in medical need in foreign countries.


MedicEvac, bringing your patients home

Our medical staff flies all over the world to retrieve patients and to bring them home. We are specialized in commercial flight retrievals. Bringing back a patient on a commercial flight is more cost effective and increases the comfort of the patients compared to an (air) ambulance mission. However we are also capable of doing missions on air ambulances. 

Our crew flies to the country where your patient is located, visits the hospital, makes arrangements with the nursing staff and and prepares for the way back home. Meanwhile we keep in touch with the travel assistance, bringing updates on developments, the program of the repatriation or simply to  updating them on the patients status. Our patients are usually assisted by using a wheelchair stairs (WCHS), a wheelchair ramp (WCHR), a wheelchair cabin (WCHC), extended legrest (ELR) or a stretcher (STCR).

We are capable to return a patient in a swift, qualitative an dependable way, bringing them from a hospital abroad to their home country. Depending on the patients status the final destination is a healthcare facility nearby or the patients home.

We intensively look for talented, proactive oriented nurses and doctors during our search and selections procedure. Our crew consists of ICU- and ER nurses, not only because of the medical knowledge but also because they are used to work in a proactive way. They can adapt easily in a changing environment. From the medical perspective we work with doctors specialised in Emergency Care, Intensive Care or Anesthetics. As far as MedicEvac concerns, empathy is a cornerstone for good care. Our staff helps the patients with adequate comfort and care.

As patients are protected by a travel insurance, MedicEvac protects it's crew also by providing them with the necessary insurances for missions abroad.

In conclusion: because of our extensive network we are able to assign the right nurse/doctor to the right mission.

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