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MedicEvac is a valuable partner in handling international medical escorts.

Our Mission as a Partner

Our organization takes the responsibility to help our customers fast and transparant while assisting them in a reliable way. Therefore our keywords are availability, information transfer and knowledge. This makes it possible to:

     - Provide Professional Staff
     - Develop Sustainable Partnerships

Our Staff

Our employees provide a qualitative service to both the patient and the client. They guarantee tailored care with an additional focus on safety, comfort, logistical assistance during the mission.

Dynamic Vision

MedicEvac wants to take a strong position in the market. Our goal: To be, and to remain, recognized as a reliable organization with an excellent reputation, a strong network and enthusiastic staff.

Core Values

In a changing working environment our employees share a set of core values:

     - Professionalism
     - Commitment and Collaborative
     - Communicative and Integrity
     - Sense of Responsibility
     - Proactive Thinking and Handling
     - Quality-Minded and Result Orientated Vision

Our Logo

MedicEvac wants to radiate its values through everything it does. The logo is an abstract representation of the:

     - Collaboration whereby we reach out a hand
     - Passion for the profession represented by the flame
     - Worldwide dimension of international medical escorts.


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